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Vintage ( Which Means, Good Old-Fashioned) Rubber Stamps - 70 Pcs

$29.50 USD $35.50 USD

Learn how printing used to be done and create your own unique crafts and gifts.

Your Creativity Is Only Limited By Your Imagination

A great way to teach your child the alphabet 

High-Quality Wooden Box & Colorful Ink Pad--- The cute little DIY seal made of wood, is environmentally sound and healthy to play with.

The ink pad is made from a safe and Eco-friendly sponge and ink that are non-toxic so a child can play and learn safely.

This beautiful set contains  70 Pcs Rubber Stamps: 26 capital alphabet stamps, 26 lower case letter stamps, 10 number stamps and 8 punctuation stamps ( a period, a question mark, an exclamation mark, quotation marks, a hyphen, parentheses, colon, and an ampersand mark). 

Multi-Use -  You can use these rubber stamps to photo album, scrapbook, write a letter, keep a diary, make cards or tags. 

Open Imagination - Interesting stamps with different kinds of creative design, are perfect for sparking your child's interest and development.  Just add imagination!

Great Gift Idea - Perfect for the hobbyist in your life 

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