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Magnetic Puzzle. Learn Shapes and Problem Solving. 72 Or 150 Puzzle Variations

$29.50 USD $34.50 USD
150 puzzles
72 puzzles

Challenge Your Brain Whether Young Or Not So Young

Use it or lose it. You have heard that for years for muscles, but now we know that the same goes for your brain. 

This set of shapes is excellent and entertaining to expand your brain when you are young and keep it expanded when you are aging. 

All you do is look at the picture in the book and recreate it with the shapes provided.

Sounds simple, right? 

A few minutes a day can do you wonders. It hones the ability to reason and problem solve, and conceptualize. 

This puzzle set comes in two sizes to suit your needs

Of course it is backed by our 100% Quality Guarantee

Please all 15-20 business days to arrive at your door. It is well worth the wait.